Hey! I hope everyone is doing well,

Today I want to tell you guys a little bit about the brand and the inspiration behind the band.

Everything eventually comes to an end.

The slogan behind the brand is "A Brand Created From HeartBreak" and the reason that we said that is because when I started the brand I was going through a breakup that was sad and heartbreaking.

While going through this experience certain music artists got me through the worst of it. Including Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, Juice Wrld & some other artist. These music artists inspired me to make a brand based on the emotions I was feeling.

I wanted to brand to be a reflection of real-life messages and the music we all listen to and love.

A little bit about the name Loligoth, I decided on the name Loligoth because as much as I am a sad boy, life isn't all sad and there a lot of things that I try to remind myself to be grateful for.

The name Loligoth is a contradiction, Loli standing for happiness and goth standing for the obvious.

I wanted this to be a brand where anyone could wear the clothing regardless of anything. Happy & Sad, Good & Evil, Love & Hate, they all ride the same line, and regardless of who you are there are a little bit of each of these emotions inside of you.

That makes us human.

Ihope you guys understand a little more about the brand because of this.

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Warm Regards, Nima