Maybe the truth is, there's a little bit of loser in all of us. Being happy isn't having everything in your life be perfect. Maybe it's about stringing together all the little things.” - Ann Brashares

Imagine you’re in a dark room, it’s pitch black and you can’t see anything. You’re scared to move or feel anything in any direction because you don’t know what’s around you.

So you decide to remain motionless...Why?

For the simple reason that you know that as long as you stand still you know you are safe.

Lack of confidence & feeling not good enough is the same as being in that dark room, except the darkness is a part of you, a looming feeling of emptiness that you can physically feel.

Trust me your boy Nima has been there & coming from experience I know first steps are difficult, especially when you feel as though changing anything is pointless.

We feel this way because we begin to actually like feeling like sh*t, by reason of feeling sad, misunderstood, heartbroken or whatever it may be feels better than not feeling anything at all.

So what to do next? I would say the most powerful thing that you can do is to stop giving a f*ck about anything or what anyone else thinks except for yourself & by doing so you are liberated.

You will find that the dark room you were in was only somewhere you put yourself in within your mind and that the lights were never actually off & that you were surrounded by treasure.

Replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones, toxic people with those who genuinely care about you.

Acceptance is the fruit of self-worth. I’m not saying life is going to be perfect, but when the darkness tries pull you down your going to do what the f*ck you want, wear what the f*ck & toss on some goth boy bangers and get it out of your system.

I’m nobody special but if one person reads this and it helps them, then i’m happy. But F*ck it,  I’M A LOVER AND A LOSER 💔

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