Inspiration Behind The Brand

The slogan behind the brand is "A Brand Created From HeartBreak" and the reason that we said that is because when I started the brand I was going through a breakup that was a learning experience and heartbreaking. I starting fucking up and dealing with all my problems in the wrong way.

While going through this experience I was feeling lost and depressed. This brand became an outlet for me, I put every ounce of emotion I was feeling into every design. That is why we saw every design we have has meaning and oftentimes secrete messages you have to find within the design...

Also during this time certain music artists Including Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, Juice Wrld & some other artists such as Mac Miller were the biggest inspiration behind the brand.

The Waistband

We designed our underwear so that the waistband of the underwear is always the highlight.

Unlike every other brand, we do not compromise the design of the waistband for brand recognition, because we know that this is the main part of the garment that shows when you take your shirt off or have a button-up shirt open.

We care more about putting messages and designs with meaning to make the piece truly unique and one of a kind.

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